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Seemas broken heart

Hello friends, I am Vikky from Jamshedpur. I hope you enjoy this story and I would love to have feedbackSeema could not believe what she was looking at. Her father in law was banging her mother. While Suresh was pumping her like a machine, her mother, Malti was moaning like a bitch.She felt jealous and insecured. She used to think she was love of his life. The man was more like a husband to her than father in law ever since he had started comforting and loving her physically as well as emotionally.Suresh was 55 years old but a very healthy man. He used to be a wrestler in his youth. His son ranjit, seema’s husband, was also a bodybuilder and had a gym of his own. They were wealthy and respected people in town. Seema was well treted by her in laws and initial days of marriage was hot and spicy.Ranjit never left her alone and beneath his well muscled body she always struggled while being fucked raw. She enjoyed little bit of pain with lot of pleasure but her happy days didn’t last long.She realised ranjit loved her body only but never really loved her like a husband. He spent most of his time at gym and with his friends. And sex reduced from everyday and night to once or twice a month. Seema tried to suduce him, impress him with her beautiful fair body, amazing hot figure and lovely face. But it didnt work. In fact the rare occasions on which ranjit fucked her, he did it mercilessly. He used to pin her down and treat her like a prostitute. He used to ram his dick into her, fuck furiously and bite her neck, ears and on cleavage so badly that she used to struggle to hide the marks from in laws.But she could not keep her voice down due to pain in middle of night, no matter how hard she tried biting her lips. It was embarassing for her as she had to face her in laws everyday, which Ranjit just didn’t care.One morning she was serving breakfast to her father in law Suresh, when Suresh noticed the bite marks all over her neck. He was not sure whether he must ask her but managed to utter the words “are you okay?”At first she didnt understand as she was serving the food but she was lost in some thoughts of her own. But within a few seconds she realised and started crying like a baby, and ran away towards her bed room. She lied on bed and cried while hiding her face in the pillow. A few mnutes later she felt a hand on her upper back just above the blouse and heard Suresh’s claming words…”do not cry beta…”Before he could finish his sentence, Seema turned up and hid her body with her pallu. Tears were rolling down her face. Suresh then surprised her buy taking her in his strong arms and started consoling her. She was not sure if she was comfortable but she had not shared her pain with anyone since a long time and a warm hug comforted her so much. She hid her face on his chest and cried some more. When she felt bit relieved, she realised Suresh’s shirt was wet due to her tears. She tried to free herself from the hug but Suresh was not only holding her very tight, his hands were now down to her open waist gently rubbing and caressing her skin. It felt like a current, was he taking advantage of the situation…she wondered.A few more seconds and Seema again tried to free herself, but Suresh was not only caressing her but now his hands were sliding downwards, and were now just above her hips, where she had her saree tied.She managed to utter, “baba, i need to finish work in the kitchen”.Suresh replied,” nobody is at home today except you and me and i just had breakfast, so you do not need to worry kitchen work. You should get some rest today. Let me massage your body, you will feel better”.Seema could not believe what he just said and what he was doing now to her. She wanted to stop him but she could not. She loved his huge hands massaging her butt. His fingers gently rubbing her butt crack above saree. Just then she felt a gentle warm kiss on her forehead. Now she had to surrender. She felt loved…she just decided to enjoy what was coming.Suresh kept kissing her head and then cheeks, while munching her ass rather strongly now. With every squeeze seema felt herself moving closer and burying her body more into suresh’s hug. Suresh had his lips on her ears now and was gently licking earlobes and sides of her neck. Seema felt a little shiver in her spine and could not help herself from moaning a sweet “aaahhh”Suresh knew he had her in control. he removed her pallu, and grabbed her boobs while giving her first sweet kiss on her lips since her marriage. He was not rough. He was not biting or pushing his tongue in her mouth forcefully. He was giving full atention to her upper lips and the lower, while licking and slowly sucking them. Seema was finding it difficult to breath. She could hear her heartbeats literally.It was a lovely wet kiss, which just didnt stop except for a break of few seconds when both grasped to some air. Seema didnt even realise when the knot on her saree was loosened up and Suresh had his hands inserted inside and rubbing on her panty. She tightened her legs together and Suresh’s hand got stuck, of which he took advantage and started digging his fingers on her panties. seema felt like he would tear the panty and insert his finger inside her.The kiss finally broke and the passionate slow man turned into a wild lover. He romoved his clothes very quickly and started undressing Seema. First reducing her into her bra and panty and then left her without a thread on her body. He admired her curves, her round hips, erected nippls. She looked magnificent. He felt lucky.Seema loved the lust in his eyes. Both of them jumped on each other and started exploring each other. Their hands and lips just kept digging into each others body. Seema’s hand found suresh’s dick and started playing with her while suresh had his mouth all over her boobs and nipples. He rubbed on her pussy and clit. Making Seema moan and desire him more and more. When she could not have enough, she gave a hard squeeze on tIp of suresh’s cock. This was a signal that suresh understood well and aimed his cock on her pussy. He rubbud his cock on her pussy up and down a few times quickly before he started pushing in.Soon the bed was making creeky sounds. Seema was moaning. She was enjoying every bit of it. Suresh kept pumping faster inside her. Seema had her legs wrapped around Surersh now and her hands wrapped over his back. With every stroke she felt being pushed up on the bedsheet.the man gave her really powerful strokes for a while and after a while pressed himself very hard on her. Seema felt his cock throbbing very deep in her pussy. She had tears in her eyes again but it was not due to pain.,Seema and Suresh had become lovers. They now watched TV together, shared jokes and laughs. Enjoyed shopping together.They were like best friends most of the times. But whenever they found some time alone, they just became one. Sex happened every now and then.Seema was happy. She spent less and less time with Ranjit now. His brutal sex has also stopped with time. She didnt know why but she suspected that Suresh must have said something to him.Once Seema got a call from her mother. Her mother, Malti asked her to visit her and spend a few days with her. When seems told this to Suresh, he said he would accompany her for the journey. Seema knew they would get enough private time during the four hour drive to her mothers house. It would not be the first time that they palyed with each other in the car, but a drive through highway meant they could fuck in the car.,Malti had served lots of sweets and a yummy meal to welcome suresh. And it was decided that suresh would leave early next morning. Since both suresh and seema were tired to to journey as well as fucking twice in the car, they slept early.

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