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My aunt gifts me some surprises on my birthday

My aunt gifts me some surprises on my birthday… Hi all, it’s Ali here! This story continues after Aunt Sheen becomes widowed and seduces me with a blowjob when I go to sleep at her home because she is all alone. Before I begin let me tell you a bit about me and Aunt Sheen once again.,My name is Ali and I am the youngest of 3 children to my folks. I come from a fairly conservative Muslim family. We live as a joint family with Aunt Sheen’s apartment on the top two floors of our huge house.,I am 5 ft 10 inches, fair, light brown eyes with straight, jet black hair which I usually wear long. I was a soccer player in school and junior college and still have a slim and athletic build. Ever since my older cousin and Aunt Sheen’s daughter Dee had seduced me for the first time a few months ago, I had become extremely sexually active and had already slept with my younger Aunt Fida, twin sister Amina, older sister Jasmin apart from Dee.,My Aunt Sheen is around 5 ft 6 inches, with dark skin and wavy, medium hair. She had big, D-cup boobs that were quite perky for her age. The best thing about her was her huge butt. It was around 50 inches, quite plump and soft yet stood out prominently, especially when she wore high heels. Aunt Sheen looked like a short, curvy black MILF.,This incident happened back in March of 2006, when Aunt Sheen was around 45 years old and had been widowed a couple of weeks ago. Those who have read the first story will know how Aunt Sheen invited me to sleep over at her home as her daughter, my older cousin Dee, had left to spend the week at her older brother’s place in Mumbai.,Coming to the story,My birthday was coming on the last Friday of March and I was quite excited. My lovely ladies had promised me with tantalizing gifts this year. I had agreed when my folks suggested that we should not celebrate my birthday, seeing it was barely a week since my uncle had passed away. We had a huge family dinner but it was a simple affair.,I was however curious to know what surprise Aunt Sheen had promised me. After she had sucked me off the last time and begged me to finger her to orgasm once more she had told me that she wanted to fuck me proper but also wanted it to be special the first time. She asked me to wait till my birthday to know what she was going to gift me this year.,After finishing dinner it was quite late when everyone left the main hall and went off to bed. It was around 11 in the morning that I went upstairs to Aunt Sheen’s place. She wore house clothes, a loose, dark-patterned nightie with short sleeves and a black scarf covered her head.,“Hello, sweety! I was wondering when you’d show up.. Come on in!” said Aunt Sheen with a wide smile when she opened the door and saw me.,I entered the hallway and watched as she swung those soft, plump mounds of her buttocks and walked towards the kitchen. She knew I was watching her and Aunt Sheen made sure I had a good look at the shape of her large ass. I closed the door and followed her to the kitchen. She was preparing lunch so I sat there, watching her cook.,We talked casually about my plans for the day for a few minutes before she said in a teasing tone, “Ali.. aren’t you curious to know what I’ve got you for your birthday?”,“Yeah..” I admitted with a smile, “I was actually thinking about it.”,“Well.. I could give you a hint. It’s something you have always wanted.” Aunt Sheen said with an arched eyebrow.,I was wondering what it could be, as there were quite a few things I had wanted for a long time.,“Mm.. Your ass?” , I asked with a devilish grin, being unable to come up with any guesses.,“Ha ha ha!” Aunt Sheen laughed and lightly smacked my shoulder, “No, you naughty boy! I want to gift you a bike.”,I was stunned. At first I figured Aunt Sheen must be joking because my folks were against me getting a motorcycle at this age.,“The thing is I don’t know anything about motorcycles so I haven’t bought it yet. I want you to come with me to the motorcycle showroom and choose one for yourself. How’s that, sweetheart?” said Aunt.,“Wow!” I exclaimed and wanted to shout out loud.,I immediately jumped with excitement from the stool and hugged Aunt Sheen tight.,“Thanks you, Aunty! Thank you so much! You have no idea how awesome this is. Wow!” I began to blabber with excitement as I clutched, a now bemused, Aunt Sheen tightly.,“I know you’ve always wanted a bike but your folks don’t want you to have one. I knew I could convince them otherwise. I told your Mom how sweet you’ve always been to me and to everyone else, especially after your uncle passed away. When I told them that you’re like my own son and I wanted to gift you a bike they agreed.”,Aunt Sheen explained as I kept a tight hold around her. I was still grinning widely when she leaned in suddenly and put her lips on mine. I felt her tongue slip out between her thin lips and begin to lick my lower lip slowly. I responded by opening my lips wider and taking in her tongue in my mouth.,“Mmmhhmmm…” Aunt Sheen moaned as she felt my lips clamp over her tongue and I began to suck it gently.,I put my arms around her lower back and held her closer to me, sucking gradually harder on her tongue which was now almost to my throat.,“Ouch!” I exclaimed, breaking the messy kiss, as I suddenly felt Aunt Sheen grab my semi-erect cock from over my cargo shorts and squeeze it hard.,“I want this beautiful young cock so bad, Son!” Aunt Sheen seemed to grown with lust in my ears as she pushed me towards the stool I was sitting on earlier.,I let go of her reluctantly as Aunt Sheen pushed me down till I was sitting on the short stool, right beside the kitchen counter.,Aunt Sheen stood up and took a couple of steps back. She then lifted up her nightie over her head. I smiled widely as I saw her break free and swing with her movements when Aunt Sheen took off her bra and began to strip off her undies too.,Pages: First -1 – 2 – 3 – … – Next → – Last

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