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Mom has a surprise pregnancy

Mom has a surprise pregnancy, It was three months after the fender bender that had sent Mom to the hospital with abdominal pains. Those pains turned out to be a miscarriage of a pregnancy that had lasted only two months.,“We’re going to try again,” Mom said. She seemed so happy standing in the kitchen.,“Try what again, Mom.”,“To get pregnant, of course. I’m turning forty soon, and your dad’s in his mid fifties. We have very little time left to have another child. It was a miracle I got pregnant this year, and I hope there’s a little of that magic left!”,Mom had always wanted another child after me, but here it was 18 years after I had been born, and I still had no brother or sister. They weren’t able to conceive.,Finally, after lots of visits for Dad at the fertility clinic and tries with artificial insemination, there was success.,“Your father is going to the clinic tomorrow to do ‘his part.’ I ovulate the day after, so that’s when the insemination will happen.”,I should have been happy, but I wasn’t. I should have encouraged Mom, but I,couldn’t.,All I felt was guilt. Maybe fear, too.,“Scott, you took it so hard when I lost the baby. I thought you’d be over the moon to hear the news.”,“Mom, I…”,“What is it Mr. Gloomypants!”,She sounded so cheerful. I never wanted to do anything that would cause her any pain or heartache. Here she was a tall, beautiful blonde who looked like she was still in her twenties, and all she wanted was to have another baby so she could show it the same love she had given me all my life.,“Nothing, Mom. It’s just…”,“Scott. I know when something’s bothering you. Now, tell Mom what it is.”,“It’s just I don’t want you to be disappointed if… you know.”,“Scott, all those years that your dad and I couldn’t conceive—I never needed any pregnancy test to know it hadn’t happened. Something deep inside me told me right from the start. But, this last time, by the time I got home from being inseminated—I knew! You can’t imagine how I felt. I knew!”,“That was then, Mom.”,“And what’s changed? That was only four months ago, just a couple days after your 18th birthday. You brought Dad luck when you drove him to the clinic.”,The guilt really kicked in now. I had to make a decision, probably the second biggest decision of my life: should I tell Mom?,“I don’t want you to get your hope’s up, Mom. It’s probably not going to happen again. If it does, great, but I really don’t think it’s going to happen.” I couldn’t even look at her when I said that.,“Scott, this isn’t like you. Come here. Come to Mom.” She held her arms wide and I melted into them, as usual. I put my arms around her while she held me close. She felt warm as she gave a little motherly rocking motion.,Then she pushed me to arms’ length and asked, “What is it? What aren’t you telling me?”,“Nothing, Mom.”,“Scott, I know when you’re lying. I always do. Tell me. There’s nothing so bad that we can’t work it out together, just like we always have.”,“Not this time, Mom. This is a deal-breaker.”,“Okay, now you’re scaring me.”,“I wouldn’t even know how to tell you,” I muttered. That could have been the truest thing I ever said.,“Let’s narrow it down then,” Mom said. This is how she made things easier—usually.,“Mom, it won’t work like that this time.”,“Yes it will. Watch! Is it about school?”,“No.”,“Is it about college? You didn’t do anything to screw up your scholarship did you? Your father will absolutely kill you if you did!”,“No, I still have my scholarship.” That wouldn’t stop Dad from killing me though.,“Is it about money. We do what we can for you, and you have that part-time job.”,“Not money either, Mom. Let’s forget it.”,“Not in your life, Buster. This is called narrowing it down. Let’s see. Is it about girls?”,“Ahh…”,“I see. It’s about girls. Remember, Scott, you can tell Mom anything. Nothing is so complicated or embarrassing that you can’t confide in your old Mom.”,“Not about this, Mom.”,Mom stepped forward and hugged me again. “Scott, you got a girl in trouble right? You got some girl pregnant.”,“Kinda,” I said, not knowing how to go on from there.,“There’s no ‘kinda’ to it. Is she your so-called girlfriend, Carrie? I knew she was too fast for you. I could see it in—”,“No, Mom, not her.”,Mom looked into my eyes and said, “Give me her mother’s phone number and we’ll start to straighten this all out. I’m with you on this, Scott. You don’t have to worry alone any more.”,Mom…”,“Her mother’s number. NOW!” Mom had quick-drawn her phone from her back pocket.,I dictated 10 digits and Mom punched them in one-by-one, then held the phone to her ear. She indicated she put on her speakerphone and the ringing was audible. A voice said, “Hello?”,“Hello, this is Scott’s mother, Mrs.—”,“Lisa?” came my grandmother’s voice. “Is this some joke I should know?”,“MOM?” my mother said. “Let me call you back later!”,My mother hung up and gave me the angry eyes. “Quit fooling around. I want the mother’s number of the girl you knocked up.,I shrugged. “This is the hard part, Mom. I GAVE you the number.”,“You’re not making any sense, Scott.”,“DON’T YOU GET IT! IT’S YOU!” I shouted, the tension had breaking me into fear and anger. Then, much more softly, “It’s you, Mom.”,“I don’t understand,” Mom said.,“At the clinic that day. When I brought Dad. I switched his sperm for mine.”,Mom’s face got long and pale and her mouth tried to work, but didn’t. She reached out for the back of a chair, and missed once or twice while she fumbled. I pulled the chair out for her and she sat down.,“I can’t believe what I’m hearing,” she said only a little louder than the refrigerator motor.,I pulled another chair opposite her. I wanted to get all of this out as fast as I could now.,“Mom, Dad did his thing and we were checking out of the clinic, and he said he forgot his coat so I went back into the room and saw the two containers they gave him and I couldn’t help seeing that the one he used had maybe a little drop in it and not enough to do the job so I took the other cup and filled it with my cum and screwed the lid on and then wiped Dad’s out with a tissue so they’d think Dad used only one cup and that would be the one they used for you!”,I think I said it all in one breath, but I was pretty much unconscious right then.,Mom might have been unconscious too for all she was saying. She sat there without blinking, and maybe without breathing either. I shut up and waited. She waited too, until she said:,Pages: First -1 – 2 – 3 – … – Next → – Last

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