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Mom and son share a bed, and a lot more

This story you’re about to read is my first attempt at a mother son story..Mom and son share a bed, and a lot more,..,Rose opened her eyes and looked at the cheap digital clock on the motel’s even cheaper nightstand. It was eleven forty-five, and she was wide awake. By rights she should be sleeping. This was day two of her brilliant idea to drive from RI to California to see her sister, Laura.,She thought it would be a nice to drive rather than fly and spend some time alone with Vince who begrudgingly took two weeks out of work and come with her for the trip. They’d each driven several hours today, stopping only for lunch and dinner, and a quick bathroom stop.,Figuring they’d be too tired to drive much further, Rose had looked up local hotels located a hundred miles from where they’d stopped to eat, figuring they’d drive a couple more hours before calling it a night.,She’d found a decent four-star hotel and booked a room with two beds, to save a little money, and so her and Vince could watch some movies together, something they still enjoyed doing even though ta twenty it would be hard to get him to admit that.,Vince claimed he kept up their ‘movie nights’ at home solely for her benefit, but Rose knew he liked the time with her, especially if the movie was bad and they’d make fun of it the whole way through.,When they arrived at the hotel, Rose was informed there was a booking error and they didn’t have anything available. Pissed off, she went back to the car, and went back to looking up places to stay within a few miles of them.,The third place with no openings explained there was a big business expo in town, and that’s why everything was full. With neither of them up for driving too much further, Rose kept looking until she found a cheap motel that said they had one room left.,The price was close to what the four-star hotel would have been, and no doubt higher than their regular rate, to take advantage of the convention. Rose paid over the phone with her credit card to avoid losing the room, and they drove the twenty minutes to get there.,The place was a pit, even Vince remarking it looked like the kind of motel people paid by the hour to fool around with a hooker or have a sleazy affair. Rose did her best to come up with a forced smile.,Vince had no idea Rose had caught Brian cheating on her and had caught him at a place not much better than this leaving with a girl that looked a lot closer to Vince’s age than hers. They’d been arguing constantly ever since, Brian claiming it was a one-time thing, and a mistake, but what the hell, she ‘wasn’t into it’ anymore.,Rose knew it wasn’t just that once, and it was bullshit she wasn’t into sex. Rose had always loved sex, but the last couple of years sex had been one way, his way. Rose went out of her way to keep herself in shape, had her hair and nails done on a regular basis, wore lingerie, would role play little fantasies in the bedroom, and there wasn’t anything she wouldn’t do.,But all that effort she put into it was for her to suck his cock, get fucked for about two minutes if it was that long, then he’d go to sleep. His idea of foreplay had become squeezing her tits, and maybe a slap on the ass if they did it doggy.,He hadn’t given her an orgasm in over a year. Wouldn’t finger her, go down on her, and when she brought out one of her toys one time for him to use on her, he got defensive and insecure asking why she needed them.,About a year ago, Rose began withholding sex. If he was going to do nothing to please her, she wasn’t going to please him. She was his wife, and a sexual woman with desires and needs. Not just a mouth and pussy he could shove his dick into for the two minutes he could last.,She knew an affair or hookers were inevitable. Rose would never cheat, and she did have chances. Blonde, blue eyed, with a tight athletic body that was even more impressive at her age of forty-six, she got plenty of attention from men.,Rose wasn’t big on top, her breasts were more than a mouthful, but not a full handful was how she’d describe them. Advantage to that was even being older gravity hadn’t taken effect and her breasts were still perky.,At one point Brian had asked her about getting a boob job, ‘wouldn’t you like them to be bigger?’ Rose’s answer was no, but apparently, he did. That was right about the time, she’d decided she could have a better sex life with toys and fantasies than him.,But she knew Brian would step out. He was too ‘manly’ to go without sex. They hadn’t been happy in a long time, but remained together for Vince, not just as his parents, but he had one more year of school left.,There was also the ad agency they’d built together. If they divorced, could they still manage to run it together? Would they try and by each other out, sell it? But for all the questions, Rose swore if he cheated that would be the end.,Not only had he, but she had proof, and now leverage for what she wanted. That was part of the reason for the trip. Rose needed time away to decide what she wanted to do, and if she could work herself up to it talk to Vince. This two week ‘vacation’ was about her having to make a huge decision and live with the effects of it.,In the meantime, what she was living with was a ratty as hell motel room that only had one bed, and it was a twin. The only other furniture in the room was a small leather recliner, with cracked upholstery and so nasty looking, there was no way she’d let Vince sleep in it.,With the only other option being the floor, she told him just share the bed with her. It was tight, especially with Vince being six one and a solid hundred and ninety pounds of all state wrestler. That matter was compounded by the fact the AC was broken.,It was currently eighty-five outside and felt hotter than that in the small room. They couldn’t open the one window because it faced the club next door where Rose had no doubt most of the seedy motels business came from, drunken hook-ups.,They had tables and music outside and there was no way they’d be able to sleep with the window open. Worse the strobe lights were visible even through the cheap blinds, but Vince fixed that by hanging a blanket they certainly wouldn’t need, over it.,They each took a shower in the dubious looking stand up stall that was so small she wondered how anyone even a little bigger than Vince could even fit in. The air inside the room was so hot and sticky they were both sweating within a half hour out of the shower.,Poor Vince was going to sleep in sweatpants and a t-shirt as he did the other two places they’d stayed. Rose told him not to be ridiculous and to sleep in a pair of shorts, or even his boxers if he wanted to.,They’d be under the sheet and she was his mother, not like she’d be checking him out. Admittedly, part of why she’d told him that was because there was no way she could wear a night shirt in this sweltering room.,While Vince sat on the bed with his back turned, Rose removed her bra, and shorts, and slipped under the sheet in a grey tank top and her panties. She didn’t feel the panties were that improper, they revealed about as much as her bikini bottom.,The top was another story, being smaller chested, Rose tended to wear tighter tops to show off what she had, and tank top was a size smaller than it should be. Without a bra, the shirt was tight enough to show off her nipples and the shape of her breasts themselves.,Pages: First -1 – 2 – 3 – … – Next → – Last

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