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Meeting my college friend : meet turned romantic :part – 2

It’s in continuation to the previous part as myself Rima meet my college friend Amar and our meet turned romantic as well as both get physical at Tulsi ghat in Varanasi .,So at 07:35 pm ,I reached home and Amar have shown his desire to meet me again but as I reached home ,I moved inside my room and than removed my leggings with tops as I moved inside washroom to get as my vagina got sticky after getting cock’s semen in it ,it’s not possible to just put lot of waters to clean it as I put lot of body shampoo on it and than pushed my long finger in my cunt ,so fingers my cunt for a while as I washed it and than I walked nude to my room as I put a night wear on my body and than took my mobile to talk to my friend Renu as I called him twice but she didn’t receive my call ,she have called me several times and I have made up my mind to give him the excuse but Renu is in anger as I think walking towards dinning room ,I can see maid inside kitchen as I asked him to prepare a cup of tea for me,now mom came there as she asked,“than how was your evening with Renu(Both sits there)fine but will meet again day after tomorrow(Mom)sure ,have you planned for future(Rima bit serious)mom , wait for a year(Mom)oh I see !just enjoyed your third anniversary and want to live a life without any responsibility .”,And as maid put cups of tea ,we both starts drinking after a while ,as I am too tired ,I moved to my room and sleeps on a married lady of 26 years with her tall figure of 5’6 feet as my physical measurements reads 34-26-36 inches ,my second love of life starts today as first ,Rashid have enjoyed my smooth body in car and his office ,today it’s my second extramarital affairs with Amar and as night passed ,I was waiting for next day as Amar & Rima have planned a nice evening again but it will be a indoor affair as I get bit afraid in public places and as day starts in the early morning ,I have already explained my days affair with my mom and after having bath and breakfast ,I took rest for a while as I have already choosed my dress and later on ,I put my long skirts with a sleeveless kurti as push up brassiere and a thongs have covered my sexual at 10:05 am I walked out of home as Amar have booked a room in a hotel and I walked to rath Yatra chowk as Amar is waiting for me there,so a 200-250 metres walk gave me look of my college friend Amar as he is near roadside while his car was parked rima smiled as Amar opened the door of car and our short trip of day starts as he is drinking his car towards the destination unknown to me,“so Amar ,where we are going ?(He smiled)wait and watch as I have to buy some items also(Me)ok as you wish(Amar)items for you as I can see you with a purse only(Rima is bit shy)oh I see !haven’t put any extra clothes ,that’s my mistake.”,And after a while ,Amar stopped his car Infront of a shopping mall as both moved out of car and than walked inside mall as I was known to it ,so as we both are moving to first floor he hold my wrist and inside lift he kissed my lips as I embrace him for a we both are out of a lingerie store as our eyes meets and now moved inside ,so a gal came to us to assist me “madam ,what you are looking for ?(I looked at Amar)let me see first.” and I starts moving as looking lingerie there in a large clothes hanger ,lastly I can see a yellow baby doll dress as it’s attached brasserie is transparent while it’s short in length ,so I can see a G string with it and I bought it as Amar paid money .now we are in parking lot as he opened the door and said “wait for a minute , coming soon.”and I can see him walking towards malls end as a wine shop is there ,so he is back as he drove the car on a less traffic path .now it’s the place for meet ,as Amar parked the car in a hotel premises and we both left out as Amar took out a bag ,now put my carry bag and wine packets in his a hotel guy came there as he hold the bag and both moved to reception as room was booked vide online mode and there a ID proof was given ,now service guy took both of us to third floor via lift as guy opened a room and we both are inside double bed deluxe he took out a bottle of water from a refrigerator in hotel lobby as he put glasses there ,so he said,“sir , anything else now(Amar)no but how to call you ?(He showed a menu) telephone number is on it.”,And he walked away. so Amar locked the room as he opened his bag and took out a carry bag as it seems to be full of bottle of wine and he put it on table as looking at me ,he asked “you love drinking wine or beer(Me)can drink both but wine is too alcoholic.”,And so Amar starts removing his shirt as I moved towards washroom and starts thinking of removing my long skirts with tops .so felt bit shy but than removed my clothes as I am in pink coloured brasserie and with thongs ,so walked inside room as I can see Amar in a shorts and vest opened the wardrobe as I put my clothes and there Amar hold me in his arms as he embraced me and kissed my face and I pushed him back ,so sit on sofa with my legs opened the bottle as I starts pouring wine mixed with soda in glasses and looking like a hot sexy blonde as my curvy waistline to flat tummy are nude ,my half of boobs are looking out of it.amar sits beside me as we hold our glass and both are looking at eachother as well as drinking wine ,so as I took out a cigarette to smoke ,he put his hand on my shoulder and starts rubbing my nude arms.rima is feeling bit shy but as wine is making my mind hot and bold ,I put my half emptied glass on table as I sit on his strong thigh just putting cigarette in stray and putting my arms in his my left breast is touching his chest as I hold his hairs and kisses his lips ,he is bit surprised but our kisses are making us hot ,so as both are kissing eachother’s face to lips ,Amar than took my lip in his mouth and starts sucking and my palm is moving on his hairy chest covered in vest.,Inside hotel’s room our great sexual affairs have started as I took out my lips but soon I pushed my long tongue in Amar mouth as his hand is rubbing my nude back ,while sitting on his thigh I am feeling like a shameless lady and as my eyes are closed while breathing heavily ,he is sucking my tongue hard and as my legs are straight on sofa ,his hand is rubbing my back to flat tummy.later on ,I sit on sofa as I hold my glass and starts drinking wine as Amar have hold my breast to squeeze but I hold his wrist and put away his hand ,he smiled as our first drinks lasts soon.i am too horny as I stand Infront of him and he hold my waist as I put my one leg on sofa and stretches it wide ,so my pelvic area is nude as Amar starts kissing my thigh to legs while my legs are shivering

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