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Me and my temporary girlfriend in a service apartment

Hello everyone Suraj Gowda here back with another real story, for people who doesn’t know me myself Suraj Gowda staying in Bangalore (appatta kannadiga) 165cms height and double graduate. The story am going to share with you guys is real story happened between me and my temporary girlfriend ammu.,We got to know eachother by some dating app and started chatting casually introducing ourselves and we shared our mobile number and started speaking. Coming to her beauty she’s fair as milk with slim skinny body as we got closure day by day she was like a kiddo girl who gets angry for every simple things and it needs lot of effort to bring her on control but my body helped me their so well whenever she’sangry I just use to send my topless pictures for which she used to turn on . Things went like this one day I was angry and our conversation went in Kannada as Always so am sharing it in Kannada for making it feel more thrilling for Kannadigas.,Me: Yenaadru maadko hogu nanug msg maadbeda bitbidu nanna.(do whatever you want don’t text me just get away from me)She: yaak chinna yenaythu eega Nan mele kopa na nan chinni ge kopa hogbeku andre yen maadbeku naanu. (What happened my darling why are you angry on me , what should I do to get you out off anger)Me: nanug gothilla Nan thale tinbeda (I don’t know don’t eat my head)She: sari aagidre bandu bere yenaadru tinla (shall I come over and eat something else?)Me: yenu yen tintya (what ? What r u gonna eat)She: ade nin pant olage idhyalla nan cute snake (the thing that is inside your pant my cute snake)Me: adu aramaagi malgide adke nin maatinda rochigelalla. (It’s sleeping quietly and it won’t get tempted for your words)She: howda bangari yelli swalpa Kannu mucchu (is it baby? Ok close your eyes)She sent a pic which gave me instant hard and goosebumps. The pic was herself in her pink tshirt lifted upto her neck revealing her cleavage and boobs over a blue bra . It was not big but it was looking round n nipples was erected.Me: hooo super but snake Inna malge ide (ohh good but snake is still sleeping)She: ohh hanga sari video call maadla Nan kanda kopa kammi hogoke haal kudusla (ok shall I video call and feed my baby my milk to get him out of anger)I was over joyed by listening to this literally I ran to washroom sat on commode waitingMe: sari maadu bega (ok do it fast),She called and she was blushing watching me my eyes were very curious to see her strip for me n show her boobs. She started teasing by lifting the t-shirt bit n closing it again n covering her face in shyness atlast she gave up her shyness n took off her pink tshirt and she was only on her blue bra again she felt so shy n covered herself with blanket now I was so damn horny n started pleasing her to remove n she slowly took off her blanket n pulled her right boobs out of her bra n then left boobs,Me: wow Chinni super molegalu , yeshtu white aagidya bangari neenu kachkond tinkolla nin boobs na, nin nipples antu super olle light pink lick maadbeku tongue alli (wow baby u have got a beautiful pair of boobs they are so fair n round n beautiful I just want to bite them suck them n circle your nipples with my tongue)She: maadu kanda yella ninde yeshtu beko ashtu cheepu samadhana aadmele call cut maadu naan mukha torsak aagalla nachike aagtide ( do it baby it’s all yours suck it how much ever you want and cut the call once you’re satisfied because am very shy to look at your face),After almost 20 mins of watching her showing boobs n rubbing in between I was constantly wanking my cock which was crazy after seeing her boobs and came a lot after 20 mins. And then I disconnected the call .,Me: thank you so much baby I just loved it . I love you so muchShe: I love you too , yella ninde yavaga beko avaaga cheepu (it’s all yours u can have anytime u want),This video sex went for few weeks . And we fought for some silly reason and there was no pleasure for three long months it’s like very hard to cum watching porn because choosing appropriate video only the biggest problem of boys.Then we both somehow Consoled and we were a couple stranded in dessert without water finding an oasis. In the same flow we thought of meeting in a service apartment which was running by one of my friend so we fixed the date n time. On that day she was at forum mall exactly at 10 am and I was on the way from btm she asked me to get condom but I forgot.,Me: oh yen madam bomb tara kaantidira video call ginta directly innu white n beautiful Neenu( wow u look more fair n beautiful in real more than video call)She: neevu yenu kammi illa saar sakathaage idhira yeshte aadru Nan selection alva ( even u r handsome as fuck anyhow u r my selection so u r cute too)We headed to apartment and closed the doorShe was staring at me like a baby waiting for loved toy or something unexpressed she was damn happy to see me in real.She: seriously neevu ishtu cute aagidira Nan bangara nande drushti aagutte ninge hogi manege ivattu drushti thaguskoli atte hatra.Me: jaasti dove maadbeda chinna nin ashtu chenaag yenu illa u r the cutestShe: nodi thadkolokke aagtilla nimna,And she hugged me tightly I hugged her back n kept my hand on her hips n squeezed it bit for which she moaned. Then I placed my hand on her ass n pressed it she started breathing heavily. Slowly I started kissing her cheeks, forehead, chin , ears, nose and started rubbing my hands on her back n squeezing her ass in between. She was on mood n lip locked me started feeding her tongue into mine though our teeths were interrupting we started having our tongues like anything. My cock was getting hard down . So we both jumped on the bed. She was wearing grey colour sweat shirt and black jeans. I was wearing jeans and pull over. So I started pulling her sweat shirt for which she raised her hands I took off her her shirt now she was on white tank top and inside that pink bra . As she was raising her arms I saw her under arms which had bit hairs n I got fucking excited seeing it.,She: sorry chinna time irlilla remove maadakke.Me: ayyoo bangara ollede aythu ide nangu bekididdu.And then I started biting her ear lobes and kissed towards her underarms wow what an amazing feeling n aroma. She took off my pullover now I was on just baniyan which I took off in no time. She started playing with my chest hair n kissed on my abs n chestShe: wa nan chinna super cute and fit.,I was pressing her boobs over the tank top it was so soft n just a orange sized n nipples were getting hard.Removed her white tank top and pink bra and there was my milk tanker which fed me months online now it’s time to suck them play with them tease them and circle my tongue around the nipples. I made her sit b started caressing her boobs n massaging it from bottom n squeezing it firmly. Pulling the nipples in between she was letting her soft moans. Again our mood made us to eat our tongues badly now my hand ran towards her ass rubbing in between the ass n feeling that warmness near her pussy area I wasn’t table control anymore so we hurriedly removed both our pants and underwear.,What the fucking hot pussy . Her pussy was so hairy and so shining because of her wetness that Snell Just drived me crazy as fuck. Her milky white thighs was just amazing. Without wasting my time I started kissing n licking her inner thighs and spread her thighs wow what an amazing view. Hairy pussy and pink lips inside hiding. I just seperated her Hairs n made way to see her pussy my eyes were the luckiest to see such pussy in my life . I was feeling like a she’s the most beautiful lady with most hot pussy. Of course I couldn’t stop there just dipped my face in between that hairy jungle to extract juices out my sex goddess . That salty juice has no matching with anything else in the world. After licking for almost 15 mins .

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