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Me and my friends at resort with sister

Hope you all are doing good, this is Pradeep with an new encounter with my sister rithika.As you all know that my friend sai have fucked her in my home with my permission and showed pics to me. I was so happy after seeing those pics even though I haven’t fucked her yet and in other hand im jealous of sai, but guys patience is more important in these cases and every girl is different and they require different strategies and style of approach,so keep this deep inside your mind. So days passed away,they were in touch texting,videocalling and having sex when no one is there in my home.,Sai also gave her an hint that I might know whats happening and she replied him oh god,what if he tells my parents,he replied that he asked me and he told me that he doent have any problem with it and told me to keep it safe within us and not to tell anyone else and since, im his childhood Pradeep trusts me than any of your bf. She smiled and asked him really?,he replied yes, you can even ask your brother if you want, she said no im already shivering and I don’t know how to react for this. Sai told don’t worry he is your brother what will he do, act normal to him and on the same evening I told this thing to Pradeep and he asked me how she reacted I said normal da. Then I went inside rithika’s bedroom and started an conversation with her ,,Me – Hi enna panra.

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