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It’s a rainy season as rain is outbursting ,so I have bunked my classes as my younger sister Lili is also in home.she is a 18 years gal with cute face as her sexy body is in transformation periods, so Garry is looking towards road while sitting on chair in balcony.later on Lili came with cups of coffee as she give it to me and sits beside me on chair,looking hotter in her little black dress,she have put her legs well crossed but her thighs are giving me a nice we both are drinking coffee as my eyes are going on my sister’s boobs to thighs,so dirty i am ,as I have fucked our household maid Rani twice (Read stories “Banged my maid’s ass & ” fucking my maid’s vagina“) and my dirty mind is now going on my younger sister Lili ,even my eyes have eyed my mom’s breast as my drinking of coffee happened,I put empty cup on floor ass I leaned downwards,I can see my sister’s white panty under her little black dress.Garry and Lili are sitting opposite as I eyed her panty for a while and than my sister Lili smiled on me………….,“Garry what are you looking for ?(Garry)nothing Lili(Lili bit shy)oh but your eyes stuck inside little dress,isn’t it?(Garry)no my lovely sister,what are you thinking ?you are so sexy.”,And she is voiceless as I moved my chair close to him and than put my hand on her nude parts of thighs as I started rubbing my palm on it,she is looking at me as she is bit shy and afraid but as I know my mom is busy in kitchen while preparing lunch for us.I am keeping my eyes towards door and slowly my hand entered inside her little dress as I am feeling soft touch of Lili’s thigh and she is not showing her resistance , so my hand moved towards her vaginal zone as I started moving palm on her panty,it’s bit fleshy as I can guess it’s her vaginal flesh ,which is making an imaginary look on it.Lili’s face is in much pleasure as her mouth is sounding a slow voice “uuhh aahh “and it’s a nice chance to make her hot and horny while sitting on chair in as my hand is on her panty ,he hold my other hand and put it on her soft boobs ,I am bit surprised as I started pressing it hard,she have not put brassiere on it as I am feeling it’s soft touch on her little black dress and than as my finger started moving on her panty,she is screaming “oohh uuhh take me to safe heaven my brother”and as my finger is screwing on her panty,it’s her vagina getting my finger touch but not directly as her cotton panty is covering it and I can feel her tiny hole and it’s a panty going inside her hole .now Lili is looking too hot as I asked him……..,“we both can enjoy inside your room.”now Garry & Lili walked inside her bedroom as we can see mom coming out of kitchen as she said………”you both are enjoying weekend(Lili)sorry mom actually I have studied till late night(Mom)Garry teach your sister(Garry)yes mom ,but what I have to teach?(Mom)she is poor in mathematics ,so go to her room and teach her for an hour.”,And while showing our seriousness ,we both frisked inside Lili’s room and than mom switched on the t.v as it sounds louder ,she closed the door of my sister’s we both are inside room as Lili sits on chair and I am sitting on bed’s corner,she looked at me as she took out her book and notes book of she opened her book ,I hold it and started teaching him algebra but it’s our dirty minds that’s going on eachother’s sexual Lili is solving problems in her notebook as I put my hand on her boobs and started squeezing it hardly,it’s a nice teaching as well as love session going inside sister’s bedroom.she is bit uncomfortable as her eyes are on his notebook while her face have become reddish, so my other hand is on her thigh as I am rubbing it Lili is too horny as she put her pen on table and now turned her face while sitting on chair,we too are close as she put her hand on my bulge of penis on my my hand is pressing her boobs as my palm is rubbing her thigh and she guides her hand inside my Bermuda as she touched my penis.Lili is looking for oral sex as Garry is ,so I hold her neck as I started kissing her lovely face to lips,both are dying for eachother’s sexual love as my mouth hold her rossy lips and while sucking it,my hand is massaging her small breast.Lili have took my cock in her hand as she is holding it tightly and now my mouth left her lips,as I took her tongue in my mouth,we both are sitting facing eachother as my mouth is sucking Lili’s tongue and she is masturbating my penis hard and fast.later on ,she pushed my face as her tongue is free ,looking at me ,she said………,“Garry if you don’t mind ,I want to suck your (directing my cock)(Garry)ok let me see what mom is doing ?.”and I put my cock inside bermuda as I walked out of room,mom is still watching t.v as looking at me ,she said………,“how your teaching is going on ?(Garry)fine ,need a bottle of water.”,As I took out a bottle of water from refrigerator and than moved inside room,putting door closed as I sits on bed’s corner and now Lili is too horny as she put her chair away,knelt infront of my legs and took out my cock from the corner of lose looking at me ,she removed my penis skin and started putting her lips to kiss,I am too hot and horny as she is rubbing it’s glans on her soft face,doing like a hot blonde ,Lili smiled and put my penis glans on her nose as she smelt it hard and than I hold her hairs as I want to fuck her mouth with my long cock ,so she opened her mouth and swallows my cock.lili is looking too sexy as her mouth have hold my penis and as she started moving her face ,her mouth is giving my cock a nice jerk and than I started fucking my sister’s mouth with my penis as glans is hitting on her throat ,sexy voice is coming from her mouth “uuhh ahh uummm” but sound of t.v is more than it and she sucked my penis for 3-4 minutes,not a little gal but she is a 18 years gal as she is studying in +2 in a local school as her figure is attractive ,her round ass with small tits have made too many guys horny but she is too simple as well as kept herself aloof from sexual activities with her friends,as I know it,but her licking of my penis with her tongue have made me bit suspicious of her sexual affairs with guys .now she licked my penis and walked inside washroom ,so I put my penis inside bermuda.

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