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Jeet gave me a nice gift on my anniversary

A 27 years lady is married for last 05 years as she have lost her virginity to her brother Jeet as she got too much love with her brother Jeet ,his friend Sunny and than as I got married I enjoyed my life with my hubby Anish and than as he got obstacles in promotion I slept with his boss Nishant and than with other boss also but it’s my hunger as well as thirst for sex with guys that made me a whore as I am in illicit relationship with a young guy Raj and a guard Ishan also but it’s true that my hubby’s colleagues Nikhil and Vishal have also fucked me.,So never got satisfied till today ,as I tasted nine cocks till today and as I remember two young guys in a train have also fucked me ,so Bina Mishra have swallowed at least a dozen penis till today and all have enjoyed lot with as my whiteish complexion and height of 5’6, feet is seducive ,my figure is still maintained as it’s measures 36-28-38 and my sexy ass is round as well as dome shaped and I have put my body in full shape as my arm pits and vagina are always clean shaved ,I put lubricants on my boobs to keep it in good you all can read my stories where all characters ,whose name have been changed in previous parts ,e.g – Jeet fucked me ,’jeet and sunny fucked me‘,’jeet fucked me in jungle‘,’a nice bath‘,parts of ‘my hubby’s boss’s & ‘young guy Raj’s & it’s parts as well as ‘wife swapping‘.,So keeping my secrecy here as well as narrating my true incidence in stories have made me feel like I have confessed my crimes but it’s not a crime ,I am sure if our hubby enjoys physical relationship with their lady colleagues ,we all have right to do feeling too hot and horny on bed in my parents home ,as I have reached there today morning,I am waiting for my dad as well as mom to go away from us (Bina & Jeet).so I slept for 2-3 hours after my arrival here as I felt bit exhausted ,so as I wake up ,I felt bit refreshed and than I walked inside washroom as I took refreshment and came out,now changed my clothes as I am still in my tops with skirt , so put a black gawn on my sexy body as I put a panty on walked to dinning space as I can see dad having their breakfast with Jeet and sit on sofa as my mom smiled………,“need a cup of tea(Bina)yes mom .”,And mom entered inside kitchen ,so looking at my younger brother Jeet ,I smiled and he responded positively ,now as my dad washed his hand and left us ,I am eyeing towards my younger brother Jeet and he came to me after his breakfast,said……..”Bina,I am going to dad’s office to drop him ,than we will enjoy some nice time.”and my empty cup is on table as I walked towards washroom ,with my black short gawn and now inside washroom as I am nude ,I am sitting on legs under cascade as I opened it and than water is flowing on my body, later on I started putting gels on my body as I put it from my neck to boobs till waist and than I put it on my back,feeling bit horny as my body is well covered with gels,I put it on my vagina and than started rubbing my body have been cleaned with gels and than I opened the tap as I am having my as my body get washed ,I rubbed it with a towel and than walked out of washroom as I am standing infront of a large mirror,looking my hot nude body in it ,I put a red brassier on my boobs with a G string on waist and as I took my gawn to put it on my body,in mirror I can see someone’s reflection , standing behind the curtain and looking at my nude standing nude infront of mirror ,I smiled………,“you dirty guy ,what are you looking for? come inside .”,And my younger brother Jeet came in as I turned back to show him my great assets ,now he eyes my sexy body as I put gawn on as he sits on bed’s corner,I asked……….”Jeet ,want to refresh some memory(Jeet)sure baby .”and our plan is ready as I walked out of my room ,now I got my breakfast as Jeet is sitting on sofa with a newspaper in hand,so while having my breakfast ,I said to my mom………”mom ,I will go to meet my college friend Juhi and Jeet will drop me(Jeet)ok baby and than I will go to meet my one friend .”and it’s 10:15am as we both brother & sister left our home,so putting a crop-tops with knee length skirt on my body as Jeet is looking smart in his blue denim jeans with a short shirt.we both left home as I sits on his bikes backseat and he is riding his bike at a great speed ,my both legs are in same direction as I have put it crossed and my right boobs is touching his back as I have put my hand on his as he is riding bike towards market area ,I asked…….,“Jeet where we will meet juhi?(Jeet)Juhi ,I can’t say ,who is she ?(Bina)ideat don’t know Juhi ,it’s your love.”,And he took me to a local market ,where he moved alone to a wine shop and bought canes of beer with packet of cigarette and than some snacks as well as I have hold a carry bag as Jeet took his bike to national highway and I remember ,our first sexual encounter in a hilly terrain where dense greenery have given us safe as we both reached there,it’s a spring season and in the month of February ,we are cool but not so cool to put winter gawn or jackets on our body .so Jeet stopped his bike as we are standing on grass,our eyes meets and he hold me in his arms,as I started brushing my boobs on his chest ,his hand is moving on my round Jeet hold my neck as he is kissing my lips and feeling horny,I opened my mouth as his lips is in my mouth and I am sucking it,but it lasts soon as I left his lips and now my tongue started licking his lips ,Jeet like a experienced guy , opened his mouth as he took my lips to suck but his hand is rubbing my sexy ass on skirt.while our sexual activities have been in process,Jeet is lifting my skirt upwards as I have put a G string only on my ass,it’s nude with my vagina and ass hole only my eyes are closed as he sucked it but I felt my legs in bit pain and I pushed his face .Bina & Jeet are sitting on grass as he took out a cane of beer with a packet of cigarette,as I took one cane and both started drinking beer as he lit the we both are sitting as enjoying our drinks and Jeet smiled……..,“Bina ,how your sexual life is going on ?(Bina laughed)it’s fine ,too many admirers of your sister’s sexy body as I got dozen of cocks there.”,And he put his cane on grass but he started pressing my breast hard,nothing to worry here as it’s a deserted Jeet again took his cane to drink beer as I hold his cigarette and while smoking it,I can feel his hand massaging my soft I put my hand on his chest as I am rubbing it hardly and as our drinks finished,he lifted my skirt upto my waist and like a shameless lady,I unhooked my G my vagina is nude and I stand on grass,Jeet is knelling infront of me as I have hold my skirt ,so putting my legs wider and he is kissing my labias with his hand moving on my sexy ass,now my body starts becoming horny as jeet’s lips are kissing my soft vagina.Its a distracted vagina with wider and deeper hole as Jeet is licking it wildely,his tongue is rolling inside as my fingers have widend the hole upto it’s his tongue is fucking my deeper cunt as my hand have hold his hairs ,just pushing his face towards my vagina as it seems I will swallow his face inside ,so it’s my sexy voice

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