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It’s a son’s job to make his mother happy

Sex stories, incest, mom and son, it’s a son’s job to make his mother happy, at how sexy she looked! And at the fact that I was finding her sexy! ,Friday Night: 22:41 PM,Weary from a two hour study session, I rubbed my eyes and stretched my back with a yawn. My head spun from all the reading I’d done and it was clear I would need a smoke break if I were to get through my next hour of studying. I pulled open my desk drawer and grabbed my lighter and pack of cigarettes.,But before I could get up the sound of my ringtone went off. Who’d be calling me at this time? I checked the caller ID. My father’s name and picture was on the screen of my smartphone. I found that to be interesting. I hadn’t spoken to dad in a few weeks.,“Anyway Nick, I don’t have much time and I need you to do me a favour.”,“Umm, okay, sure.” I shrugged. “What is it?”,“You know tomorrow’s your mother and I’s anniversary, right?”,“Uh-huh.”,“Well, I need you to buy her a gift for me.”,“Why?” I lurched forward in my chair. “Aren’t you coming?”,“No, I am. I’ve just got a lot on my plate right now. And now because my second assistant called in sick, it’s up to me to get her one. And I won’t have time to do that before I get on my plane.”,“Oh, okay.” I leaned back and started twisting my brown hair. “What do you want me to get her?”,“Umm…anything you can think of,” dad sounded a little distracted. “Just make sure it’s nice. You can even use the card I gave you to use on emergencies. Money’s no object.”,“Cool, anything else?”,“No, that’s about it. Listen Nick, I’ve gotta run. Thanks son. I’ll see you tomorrow.” He hung up before I could say goodbye.,I let out a sigh and laid my phone on my desk as I thought about the conversation I had. At that moment no hope I had held a candle to the one of my father arriving on the next day. Mom and I hadn’t seen him in over a year. I know; a year. Sounds crazy, right? But actually, it wasn’t all that crazy to us.,When I was about five years old my father and uncle took the family mining business over from grandpa. Ever since then dad ran the business and basically lived in New York, while my uncle watched over the company in Johannesburg. Mom and I stayed in Johannesburg too, so we only got the opportunity to see my father a few times a year.,If you believe I used to listen to the ‘Cat’s In the Cradle’ song all day, you couldn’t be more wrong, because I had mom, who managed to fulfil the role of being both parents wonderfully well. In my younger and more innocent years, she and I did practically everything together. From baking sweet treats in the kitchen, to going on picnics and working on my various school projects.,Mom was the one who reprimanded me whenever I got out of line. She was the one who taught me how to ride a bike. She attended every sport event, school play and academic ceremony I was a part of. Mom and I would bath together, eat together and sleep together. We were inseparable and the best of friends.,But eventually, as with all good things, that close relationship we shared came to an end. After puberty struck I was off to my own room and mom was no longer the only woman I noticed. Other girls became the centre of my universe, and I hate having to admit it, but I didn’t give her the time of day anymore.,When weekends would arrive, I spent my time with friends. And when I was at home, you’d either find me on my cell phone or on my computer-socializing, of course. I’m not gonna lie; I was that dick who neglected his mother twenty-four-seven.,It went on like that for the majority of my teen years. But somewhere along the line I noticed how the way our family lived affected mom. She appeared to be very lonely to me, which was heartbreaking to see.,I must’ve matured around that time, because that became the reason why I decided to live at home and drive to campus after I got accepted into university. My sentiments were the house was too big for mom to live in alone.,I also put a lot more effort in to spending time with her after I finally opened my eyes. But in spite of that, I could tell mom needed something other than my company. She needed a man in her life. More specifically, she needed dad in her life. But being with him on a permanent basis wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.,I let out another sigh and picked up my lighter and pack of smokes. At least he’ll be here for her in the next few days. I took a sip of my orange and mango juice. Then I made my way onto my balcony to have a cigarette.,The Next Day: My Parents’ Anniversary,Dressed in a shirt and boxers, I stretched my back with a yawn and rolled out of bed. Once I brushed my teeth and splashed some water onto my face, I headed downstairs. As I approached the kitchen I was struck by the smell of bacon, eggs, pancakes, sausages and toast which filled the air.,I closed my eyes as I inhaled through my nose to take it all in. “Mmmhh.”,I stepped into the kitchen thereafter and discovered that mom was the chef responsible for the mouth-watering combination of smells. She was standing over the stove and was dressed in a white silk robe, which complemented her curvy frame to perfection.,Even though I was her son, I wasn’t afraid to admit it; mom had a great body. And it was the reward she got for all the exercising she did. Mom also had her longish dark brown hair tied up behind her head, and was dancing in a subtle manner as she hummed the lyrics of a Taylor Swift song which played from her radio.,I couldn’t help but chuckle before I walked up to her and greeted mom by kissing her on the cheek. I then grabbed the coffee pot, filled up a cup and sat down by the kitchen table.,“You arrived right on time.” With a bright smile, mom approached the table holding a pan and spatula.,“You can say that again.” I looked at the table covered in food. It was a feast fit for a king! And at the centre of it all stood a tall glass vase, which was filled up by a bouquet of freshly cut sunflowers. Mom must’ve gotten them from our garden. “This looks great, mom.”,“Thank you, dear.” She pushed the batch of eggs she’d scrambled onto a plate, and then made her way to the sink to put the pan and spatula away.,“I just hope you don’t expect us to finish it all.”,“I don’t know why I got so carried away.” Mom smiled with a shrug, removed her apron and then sat down on the opposite side of the table. “So, my prince,” she grabbed a slice of toast, “what’re your plans for today?”,“Umm.” I added some sugar to my creamy cup of coffee. “I…guess I don’t have any plans for today.”,“Really?” Mom looked a little surprised. I couldn’t blame her though. Normally around about this time I’d be calling my best friend Calvin up to find out which event we’d be going to. But he had to be at his grandmother’s funeral. “Then how would you like to spend the day with me?”,Pages: First -1 – 2 – 3 – … – Next → – Last

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