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Intersex Castration (Chapter 1)

Albert moaned as his thick hard cock hit the back of his wife’s throat. As he looked down on Penny’s plump form and felt her fat wet pussy grinding against his foot, he marvelled at the violent lust with which she gorged herself on his member, grabbing his buttocks and squeezing him to her drooling mouth so tightly that she was breathing into his pubic hair. He gently kicked his wife’s spread vagina and she obediently grabbed hold of his testicles with her meaty hands.,Penny and her husband knew exactly how to turn each other on. She gripped his ballsack at the base and squeezed until his large balls were bulging at the bottom, straining against the skin. Albert groaned in ecstasy and rubbed his wife’s overlarge cow breasts with his knees. Penny playfully bit down on his huge penis and she felt a trickle of precum flow from the tip down her throat as Albert pushed harder into her face in response. She gently tugged at his stretched ballsack, each jerk testing the strength of his scrotum and gradually increasing in force, threatening to pull his bulging testicles right off his sexy crotch. Albert loved how his wife could change from the soft-spoken, motherly, caring lady that she was during the day to the kinky slut that she was in the bedroom.,One of her favorite ways to orgasm was have him repeatedly punch her between the legs until she shook and squirted her juices everywhere, spraying from her fat wet vagina and her thick thighs. She had experienced one of the most mind blowing orgasms of her life one night when Albert had pinned her to the bed and repeatedly kneed her in the groin until her body exploded with pleasure, spouting fluid from her reddened genitals every time he brutally kicked her, like a water balloon. She had screamed loud enough to wake the rest of the hotel and Albert had begun gently spitting into her mouth to keep her quiet. She hadn’t wasted a drop and had drunk it all. Later that same night, as they cuddled on the soaked bed, Albert had proposed to her. She’d accepted, and they’d been blissfully married ever since.,Albert’s biggest wish was to have the love of his life on her knees with her plump fists squeezing his penis and her soft lips wrapped around his testicles – and as soon as he shot his load, he wanted his devoted wife to look him lovingly in the eyes and gently bite off his large testicles. Penny knew this deep desire of her husband’s, and they’d agreed to wait until they had three kids before she would castrate him. Now, with his globes in her hands, she felt him urging her to rip them off right then and there. It was so tempting to just pull her husband’s testicles off when he wanted it so badly, but she restrained herself for the sake of their children. She knew she had to get him to climax now, or he might persuade her to castrate him it if he got desperate enough.,She pulled his sack to within an inch of tearing, and as he moaned in anticipation, she stuck her fat finger up Albert’s exposed asshole, causing him to jerk violently in surprise and involuntarily set off his orgasm. She pulled him close and moaned as he face fucked her and sent one, two, three, four loads down her wide throat. As his testicles squirmed, sending wave after wave of cum into his dick, he bent and grabbed her for support in a moment of rare weakness.,“Please, Penny, please …… your hands are right there…. just do it…… just pull hard. That’s all you need to do. Just look me in the eyes and rip them off, please…”,She looked at him, and it took all her self control to not obey the man she loved most in the world. Slowly she took her hands off his large testes and extricated his flaccid penis from her soppy mouth. She swallowed his thick semen and stood up, leaning against him and asking for forgiveness by gently rubbing her fat body against his front.,“Oh, Albert…. I’m so sorry, but we agreed that we both wanted babies… I promise, I promise ….. one day, I will make our three kids stand by the side and watch – and … and I’ll brutally castrate you in front of them – I’ll rip your big, heavy testicles off of you, I swear. But we need to wait.”,Albert smiled softly and vulgarly began feeling her up again. She shuddered in arousal as his rough hands pressed and squeezed every inch of her ample body. He leaned down to give her pink teats a kiss before gently whispering in her ear.,“You did the right thing, honey. I’m going to get champagne in a while to celebrate that. Give that pretty little butthole of yours some rest, because tonight, it’s gonna have to take a champagne cork going at 50 miles an hour right up its alley.”,Penny gasped. Albert was back, and in control again. But this was too wild, even for him.,“Are … are you going to put the neck of the bottle in my asshole and … and …”“Shake it? You bet. Let’s see how far we can get that top to shoot up inside you. I want to see your face when that thing goes right into your intestines. But don’t worry. If it gets stuck inside, I’ll get it out again. After lubricating the passage, of course.” he said, winking.,Oh My God. He was so kinky it made Penny drool with lust.,“But first, I think I’ll empty the first quarter of the bottle right down your butthole after the cork.” he speculated.“Albert, please stop teasing me or I’m going to cum right here.”,He leaned in. “And then fuck that slippery, dripping hole.”Penny stifled a scream as she threw herself at her husband, locking lips, violently exchanging her spit with his and pulling his big hand to the entrance of her love passage.,He pulled away, driving her crazy, grabbed hold of her stiff, reddenned clitoris with his thumb and index – and squeezed it hard. Penny moaned from the sexual stimulation, and let out a gasp of pain. She whined submissively like a little whore as Albert gently spat onto her outstretched tongue and she gulped it down.,“But you denied me my greatest wish, Penny. Mustn’t you do something for me before I let you have your orgasm?”“Anything …. anything, baby..” she moaned, driven unbelievably horny from his control over her.“Alright.” he said. “I want to watch you tear someone’s balls off. If it can’t be mine right now, let it be someone else’s. I want to see you wrench away a pair of young testicles in your mouth.”,Penny was shocked. “But …. but Albert, that’s wrong to do if they don’t want it…. I could never do that to any boy or man ……. testicles are so precious and important … it goes completely against my motherly instincts to castrate anyone – what if they want kids? I want everyone to have kids. I can’t do this, even if they’re willing to let me.”,“I know, Penny. You’re sweet that way. And I love that you wouldn’t hurt any man or woman for whatever reason. But there are others, who aren’t either. And you know some of them.”,Oh, my God. Why hadn’t she thought of it before? It was perfect. She could make Albert happy and also get practice for when they were ready to do it themselves. And the more she thought of it, the more the idea turned her on. She couldn’t wait to get started. Albert sensed her excitement and spanked her huge ass cheeks hard.,“Go ahead, baby. They’ll all be home now. Take the phone and stream from it, I’ll watch from here. And when you get back, I promise I’ll fuck so many kids into you that the foetus in you will get pregnant.”,Pages: First -1 – 2 – 3 – Next → – Last

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