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Banged my sister’s vagina :part-2

Hello readers,It’s a nice hot session in a day as my brother-in-law is in office and we two ,Mohit and Juhi have refreshed our previous memories. Banged my sister’s vagina,So day ends but Juhi ,a married 26 years lady ,with nice figure of 34-28-36 as her lovely tits are like mountainous range of Aravalli,her dome shaped ass is too wild.she is a young gal needs fuck always and as evening came,juhi’s hubby came from office and than we three are having tea together ,while sitting in balcony as my brother-in-law said……….,“I think we should go to near by restaurant for our dinner(Juhi smiled)sure than it will be a break from kitchen also(Mohit)as you wish.”,And it’s 08:30 pm as I put my black denim jeans with a short shirt and a sandals on my legs ,waking to dinning space ,I can see my brother-in-law there sitting on sofa ,later on Juhi came there as she is looking good in her pink coloured crop-tops with a leggings ,we three walked out of home as we reached ground floor and than juhi’s hubby took out his red Zen car from parking looking at me ,Juhi told……..,“we both will enjoy more at night(Mohit surprised)Juhi in your Hubby’s presence.”,And she replied positively,than as I sit on back seat ,Juhi sit near her hubby and we three are going to enjoy dinner together in a as we reached ,we three came out of car and frisked inside it,now sits on chair as service guy came there,my eyes is going on my sister’s boobs as it’s clevage is visible,her deep necked tops with sleeveless dress have given me enough visibility of her upper parts of boobs with her shaved arm Juhi ordered for meals as we three are drinking soft drinks while talking together and than as our foods served,we started having it and Juhi is smiling at me with her legs hitting my legs under table.she is sitting with her hubby as I am on opposite chair,so as our meals finished ,we washed our hand and than after paying money ,we three came out of restaurant ,so looking towards a icecream trolly ,Juhi said………..,“love to have Vanilla flavoured icecream.”,And there we have it as juhi’s hubby opened the doors of car ,now I am sitting on front seat as Juhi is on back we reached our home at 09:45 pm and I moved inside my room,removed my clothes as I put Bermuda on waist,now walked inside washroom and after refreshment ,I walked out ,now I put my door closed as I switched on the night bulb.I am bit tired as I slept on bed with my mobile on hand ,after 10 minutes ,Juhi came inside my room as she is now looking hot and sexy in a yellow coloured short gawn,so transparent it is that some parts of her body is giving me visibility.looking at me ,she screamed “Mohit,take rest for half an hour ,I will come then(Mohit)Juhi please don’t come now,in day we can enjoy(Juhi)Mohit your brother-in-law will sleep soon as I have mixed a sleeping pills in his glass full of milk(Mohit)oh I see baby.”,And she walked away as I started thinking of our sexual night and I got some new ideas ,now I thought to record our physical love session in my as time passes,I put my mobiles recording system on and than it’s on wardrobe upper portion as than our recording can be done by as 25 minutes passed,I frisked inside washroom and after urinating ,I washed my penis and came back on bed.Bedroom is too hot as red night bulb have made dim light inside it ,so I am sitting on bed’s corner with my legs down to earth,waiting for my sister’s my wait ends and she came inside ,while standing on ground ,she is looking like a hot blonde and her waist is near my face as she is standing infront of me.I can see her front faced laces locked and I put my hand on her waist as I moved her closer.,So my mouth is kissing her gawn’s as it’s her waist getting my love.she is too bold as she pushed me on bed and I fell there as she came on my I am sleeping on bed with my legs down ,Juhi is on my top as she started putting kisses on my face to lips and my hand is moving on her sexy ass as Juhi is like a dominant lady on my she make me sleep in between bed as she came on bed with her gawn moving upto her thighs,she is sitting near my looking at him,I hold her boobs and started squeezing it hardly as my other hand is opening her gawn’s her gawn is in two parts as I took it out from her body,her lovely boobs are in white coloured brassier as her vagina is in white G Juhi leaned on my face as she put her lips on my lips and my hand is moving on her soft back as she took my lips in her mouth to her saggy boobs are touching my chest as she leaned on my top and she is sucking my lips as my hand is moving on her smooth back from her upper portion to sexy ass ,it’s under her undergarments as I hold juhi’s neck ,she started licking my lips with her tongue and than I opened my mouth ,so her long tongue moved sucking her tongue is making us hot and horny,my eyes are closed as my hand is rubbing her sexy ass hardly and than I hold her brassiere strings as I removed it,it’s out of her her boobs are giving me a nice feel on my chest and as I felt my cock growing harder inside bermuda,I pushed her head back and her tongue is out of my mouth .so she started kissing my face as she is going down to my chest ,feeling horny ,I am screaming,,“oohh uuhh sexy suck my cock suck it” and she kissed my chest to waist as she sits near my her hand is moving on my Bermuda and as she pulled it down to legs,my cock is semi erected as she hold it and I said………,“Juhi I think 69 position will be nice for us.” and she smiled as she is in her G string,so looking at me ,she hold her boobs and pressed it hard as she unhooked her G we both are nude as she is on my top,juhi’s face is near my penis as her sexy ass is over my face,my face is under her big butts and we two are going to love eachother’s sexual organs .so Juhi hold my penis as she is kissing its base and my hand is on her sexy ass as looking at him,I can see a reddish vagina with no hairs as Juhi is kissing my penis ,I hold her waist and put my lips on her vagina.vaginal labias are well distracted as it’s smells natural,so I am feeling my glans moving on his face to lips as my tongue is licking her cunt Juhi have swallowed my whole cock as she started sucking it like a dirty whore,my tongue is rolling in her wider vagina as she is getting fucked for last 5-6 years ,so it’s flexibility as well as depth is enough to swallow my long tongue.we both are loving eachother’s sexual organs as Juhi is swinging her face fast as she is giving my penis a nice and hard I licked her cunt ,now I put my two fingers in her vagina as I started fingering it fast ,as my hand is slapping her fleshy ass and she took my wet penis ,now her tongue is licking it as my fingers are in hot and dry fucking it fast as she is sounding sexy

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