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A magical glasses

Hey my name is sahil patel live in obedullaganj raisen madhya pradesh. My sis name rinshu age 20 size approx 32 . She is very loving and hot and made many guy crazy. I was very horny and i watched porn twice a day on my sis phone and i dont know about the watch history. When I get know about watch history. It was late because my sis daily check watch history but pretend that she is doesn’t know anything. When I got know about my sis , I stop seeing porn.,Few day later I see a sound coming from toilet I see from window and i get know that my sis also see porn. After seeing that i go outside by bike and thinking about my sis unfortunately I met in small accident with a magician and our glasses got exchange. Next day when I wear glasses I see everything is visible across the wall ,actually it is a x ray glasses. Then I see my sis, she hide her phone in a bra and visit toilet and start watching porn. I picked glasses and i see my sis inside a toilet remove her whole cloth and start masturbation. Actually we both are alone at home because mom went outside for shopping. Then I remove my jeans and I also start masturbation by seeing my sis and I am Cummings so i closed my eye then unfortunately,My sis already finish masturbation and open door and she find me cumming after cumming I see my sis and she started laughing I ran from there .after some time I think my sis told everything to my mom and dad but she didn’t do anything. After some time I wear my glasses and see to my sis she didn’t wear bra and panty she only wear the shirt and jeans

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