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My bisex pleasures

I was newly divorced after 20 years of marriage and the kids were already grown and out of the house. I was working long hours through the week and did not have much time on my hands to go to bars looking for some fun. So I decided to go online and test my waters a bit. I was 42 years old and was eager to try something new. So I got an account to meet couples looking for a third. I created a profile stating my stats 5 foot 8 185 lb attractive male with Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, 6.5 in long thick cut cock. I was wanting to meet a couple with a bi male. The first night I struck up a conversation with a bi male who had a partner who was a woman they were not married to each other but both liked bi men. So I arranged to meet them at a hotel. When I arrived to where they were staying I was knocked on the door where he answered with a beer in his hand shaking my hand he told be to take the beer and sit down and relax on the bed and I was welcome to more in the mini fridge if I wanted some. He sat down in a chair and we made small talk. I asked where was the lady and he said she was freshening up in the bathroom getting ready. He called for her and in a few moments she came out in a sexy pink nightie complete with black high heels garter and fishnet stockings. She was the taller than me with heels on with nice perky tits a c cup. He snap his fingers and pointed to the ground in front of him. He told her you know what to do. She willingly went over to him got on her knees pulled his cock out of his drawers and started sucking. He pulled her hair back so I could get a clear view. His cock was shorter than mine about 5 in long but thick and cut. He then told me to get undressed and comfortable. So I did with a raging hard on I sat back down on the bed and started stroking my cock. Now my cock was very hard at this time, the veins in my cock are very pronounced and was glistening with precum. That is when he told me to stand closer to him. So when I stood there he took hold of my cock and started stroking it with a firm hand. That is when I closed my eyes and moaned. I felt the hands switch from his hands to hers as she started sucking my cock and stroking his. He was pushing her head down on me as she gagged a bit. He told me she was a gagger and that perhaps I should try him and see how deep I can take it. So I got on my knees and took him in my mouth no problem sucking hard and pumping his cock with my mouth to the back of my throat. The woman then got on the bed and lay down and watched us while she played with her wet pussy. We then met with her on the bed and got in the 69 sucking each other as she shared in swapping between our cocks sharing in licking our shafts. I could go on to detail but to make things short we both took turns fucking her in a kinds of positions for what seemed like hours. Took breaks to drink beer smoke cigarettes and yes take turns sucking cock and fucking her. The cool thing about it all is every time we came…she wanted it on her tits and on her clit. I must of came about 6 times that night. He had to leave so the rest of the night was spent with her and we lay in each others arms. This would be the first meeting with my future wife. We meet as a threesome a couple more times and then after that we started spending time just the two of us. I finally found a woman who liked the same things I did.

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