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Drinking wife 2

The following days were alarming, which provoked insomnia and fear of gossip. Having gathered with the Spirit, she decided to close this topic for himself with her husband. They decided to close this discussion on Saturday, because In the near future, the working schedule of her husband was scored by working moments. But while the time was suitable for Anya, it was already time to share some raisins of this night with a girlfriend of Zhenya, and she had already come across such situations and gave some advice. And now the long-awaited day has come and Dmitry led his wife in a cafe at the embankment, where he most often rested with friends. She thought all those who were last time, but going to the room her knee opened a laughter of the table to which they were sent. Egor and Sergey sat and laughed looking at the family pair suitable for them. – “Healthy Bandits!” – Dmitry greeted and offered to sit down to his wife. Anna refused to sit next to Egor and sat down with the edge of her husband by increasing the distance. Laughter moved into a minute pause for everyone. Seryoga took over this burden and began to say: “Annie, we all understand the topic of the evening, but let me assure you what happened that happened. We were all in a good mood and worked what we wanted to all. It was good to everyone, it was great and great, but it was already in the past! Let’s be adults and leave it as a memory and no more, why do we need to say this out loud to whom? For us, this is a rare case, so we will remain friends as they were! ” Anna looked at her husband and decided to answer them herself: “With myself, I don’t take guilt, but you are well done … while I don’t believe anyone here, but I would not want to hear behind my back you understand …” ” – “Okay Anh, your husband is like a brother and to lose a friend we don’t want! Let me be offended to redeem your guilt? “- suggested Egor. Without waiting for a response to the table, a girl came up with a blond hair placed to the waist and with a cut necklace on heels. She brought a couple of glasses of cocktails apparently from the bar. – “Meet this Dasha, my future spouse!” – Sergey tactfully said. Anna looked at the girl and damn envy that she was not in her place. Then the girl slipped into a table between men and villages. Dmitry made it clear that he is no longer behind the wheel and ordered whiskey himself and his wife. – “Anh, better small bakhni, it will be easier for both the soul and in the company!” – She whispered with a stack. The evening slowly began to improve and already insult and stress smoothly melted in the circle of the same company. Seryoga hugged his companion and kissed in the lips hot, said some compliments and did not look at Anna. Egor also mounted in his repertoire and tried in every possible way to wander his friend’s wife. The evening pulled out and already pretty diverting slowly began to say goodbye. Seryoga ordered a taxi and expected, and Dimon with Egor, everyone tried to agree on his own, but suddenly the wife had a brief in the conversation: – “So, stop, all somewhere run away again, you Yegor kidnap my husband tomorrow to the environment, but no … there is an offer, let’s go to us! There all the place is enough and especially these two continue to drink better at home than somewhere! “- offered Anuta. Having waited for two taxi cars they headed towards the house, along the way, stopping the flammable for men and women. Thinking they went into the house and the girls disappeared in the kitchen, and the men went to the gazebo. Laughter of men was distributed so loudly that the girls had already begun to think that they missed something. Looking out to the street prepared Daria drew attention to the house from the cut. – “And you have a bath even! “She screamed. Dmitry with pride replied: – “built by her own hands!” – “Great, all childhood has passed the grandfather in the village! He loved my baths … “- saying Dasha with a smile. – “This can really be stupid, only the owners are good to get you need!” – said loudly said Sergey looking at the reaction of the hostess at home. Of course, it was embarrassed with a bit Anna, but all the same here she is not alone, and even more so the situation is already different. – “Obviously not the girls should do it! We are just ready to bathe. “- the owner answered silently. Husband looked at his wife surprisingly and turned to the guests breathed deeply. “Taaapa, I would love to help Dimonu with this business.” Said Seryoga and headed after. “Then I’ll go zakin in the colder to cool bath drinks !!!” “said Egor and walked into the kitchen. “Damn, so inconvenient, because of me they were fed up.” – spoiled a guest said. “Sick, we go first, and then they are!” – Asna answered Anna. “Everything is good, but I can’t take it in a bath, I didn’t take!” Dasha responded surprised. – “Towel will give exactly, yes there are only me and we will!” – In the affirmative form, I said the hostess- “Look, they are already drunk and what the bath is at all!” While the peasants were treated with a bath, the girls rose to up and Anna offered to choose a bathrobe. The choice fell on silk outfits. After trying on them, they flashed on the veranda in the lit room so that the men illuminated their attention to the carels and exclamations. They heard it and had already demonstrated disguise. The joke was delayed in excitement. “Damn, robes are good, but everything can be seen …” Dasha spoke thoughtfully. – “Then according to standards, here are the blanket

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