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A lucky cabbie gets an interesting show

“Taxi” a women yells from the curb, stepping out as it halts before her. The driver turns to inquire as to her destination, as she opens the door leaning in, he can’t help taking a long slow gander , drawn by her attractive face. Her cleavage draws his attention. His eyes wander down her smooth tight dress, the silhouette says full figured. A quick glance reveals nice tanned muscular thighs. “Take me to Belmore” she quips, sliding into the back seat. “That’s sixty miles away .” I am well aware of where that fucking bastard lives.” He realizes she is past drunk, her hands trying to wave away the conversation. She is obviously pissed at someone. He decides the safest bet is to just drive. He turns up the music; Tina Turner pours her sultry voice into the cab. He figures this might soothe the savage beast. He watches her in his mirror, rocking sensually in the back seat. He can just imagine what she would look like out of that dress. He can see nipples stiffening beneath the fabric. “What the fuck are you looking at cabby?” He decides not to reply. “ It’s ok, I won’t bite. You like seeing my nice hard nipples?” He hears her moving in the back seat. Looking in the mirror, he sees her as she sits up. Upright and naked. “There, look all you want cabby”, she lays back stroking her breasts. She is smiling, one hand under each swollen tit. He stares at her erect brown nipples. She pushes them together “look at my nice big horny jugs cabby. I bet you’d just love to suck on these babies. I might just let you too.” she says with a giggle. “I would like to stop at the park up here on the left” she orders sternly. He signals, and turns where she has asked. “stop over there under that streetlight.” Before the car has even reached a full stop, she is stepping out of the car, her shoes slide on the pavement. She walks to the front of the car. He can see little in the dark, but can see the outline of her large breasts against the backdrop of streetlight. As she backs away, and directly under the bright streetlamp, he sees she is completely naked. He turns the radio off. Powers down all the windows. Lights a smoke and waits. He feels the erection in his jeans growing tighter and firm. He is trapped by this spectacle before him. This is like some teen fantasy playing out in a lurid dream. But this is no dream. She stands facing the car ,smiling, and arms over her head, legs wide. She stares at him, and squints. He hears splashing, her piss hits the hot pavement. Her hands fall to her nipples, twisting as she releases her steady stream of urine. He watches it snake it’s way to the gravel. He has never imagined this kind of thing, but his cock tells him, he likes it. She reaches down to her cunt giving it a squeeze. This must be the female version of the male shake he thinks, though he has never heard of such a thing. She approaches the driver window. She pears down at his crotch; he blushes seeing the wet spot on his jeans. “It’s ok cabby, I like a man who gets sticky over me” She reaches down and presses on his bulging wet pants. “now were both damp” she giggles. “Cabby I want to give you the night of your life” she seductively coos as she hops in the back seat. He looks in his mirror not sure what she has in mind. “Get out of the car, and stand by my door” she orders. He gets out of the car and turns to face her door. She is hanging out the window one arm swinging drunkenly. “show me that huge cock of yours Cabby”. He pulls down his fly struggling to free his huge prick. She can see why his pants were stained; he wore no underwear. Her eyes went wide at the site of his erection. He could not help notice the look of shocked excitement on her face. He had seen this reaction before on a girls face. His manhood was very large indeed. She marveled at its tan slippery mushroom shaped head; pre-cum dribbling from its center eye. Slowly she tried to encircled his shaft. He was over 9” long. She was unable to get her hand around its huge girth, it was just too thick. Leaning forward she spread her wanting lips, wide as she could. She struggles to engulf his massive cock. It is no use . Straining, she is able to just fit its large head within her mouth. She feels like she has a plum logged in her oral cavity. She is utterly filled. She can’t even wiggle her tongue. “You will have to lick it” he says . Pulling back, she knew he was right. She just couldn’t suck him. He was simply too large. She will have to pull and lick him. He enjoys this part of being well hung. She was becoming so aroused at his size, and not being able to satisfy her mouth by filling it. He was going to get one ferocious lapping with her wet tongue. Hungrily she moves her wet open lips up and down the underside of his veined shaft. Her hand cupped over the top, strokes him. He groans loudly, urging her on. As he becomes more excited he arches his back, forcing her to lean farther out the car window. Her tits slapped the car door. The cool metal slick with dew, feels wonderful. She begins to moan as she works him. He stares down at her brown erect nipples. The slap, slap, slap of her breasts on the car door , filling his ears in rhythm with her pumping fingers. She has never felt this excited in her life. The thoughts of his huge penis spewing its warmth, driving her wild. Her hand disappeared from his shaft, finding her own needy spot. His cock so erect now she just sucked at his swollen glands, with her wide flat tongue. She pushes hard against his shaft. He begins to thrust his hips, pushing his manhood hard against her mouth. Her tits stopped slapping the car as she remains still, accepting his thrusts. She keeps still, eyes closed, tongue out rigid. Her fingers rub and pull her enflamed clit, darting within her opening, and repeating. She will cum with him. His grunts tell her, he is going to finish, very, very soon. Her own contractions are bringing her very close too. She reaches for his cock with both hands. She pumps his shaft, milking him forward. “Cum for me Cabby” she yells, placing her puckered lips expectantly over the tip of his cock head. AhhhhHHHHHHHaaaaAARRGGGGGHHHHHH arching his back, tensing his body he unloads his first contraction of semen into her mouth. Her eyes open wide, seeking to see the look on his face. She stops pumping and pushes as hard as she can, trying to swallow this monster spewing cock. She manages to lodge the purple quivering head of his cock in her mouth. Her tongue just able to dart out licking his glands. She was cumming with him. She feels his contractions as the cum hits the back of her mouth. Her body begins to shake in orgasm, the smell of his spunky spend rising in the back of her throat, driving her over the edge. Her hands fly to her cunt. She is cumming. The vibration of her muffled moans rising up threw his hard shaft. She cums as he empties his last spurt into her. She sucks harder and harder; until spent she falls back exhausted. “Take me home” she barks. He zip’s himself, and gets back into the drivers seat. As he pulls on the headlights to drive away, he sees something move in the bushes. It was a man with a video camera. He ducks and disappears. He understands now. He has been used. Used by this women. She used by her husband; put to the test. Her original mood makes sense to him now. He is at first mad, but then relaxed, realizing he has just had the time of his life. As he pulls up in front of her house, she pays him over the back seat. He hands her his card. “Any time you kneed a cab, just call.” She stagers up the steps to the huge mansion. He can just make out the shadow of a man in the front room hunched over something. She enters the house without a backward glance. The cabby decides, he will play his own little game of spy versus spy. He pulls around the block and parks in the shadows. Vaulting the fence he finds himself a window to watch what is about to take place in the living room. The room has a big screen TV on the screen a video plays back, it is her , and it is to-nights film of the park, her pissing, blowing him, all of it. She walks to the large coffee table removes her clothes and kneels on top pf the table on all fours. The man walks over grabs her ponytail, parts his bathrobe and thrusts deep into her cunt. “watch the screen” he yells. She watches herself sucking the huge cock on the TV. He pounds into her over and over. She is transfixed by her own spectacle. She screams “Yes…yes….I…I’M cuMMINGGGGGGGGG” . The man pulls out of her, spewing all across her back, rubbing his cock on her ass. “go upstairs and get dressed for bed” he yells. Then the lights dim, and the couple disappears. The cabby feels much better now. He has got back a little of what was taken from him…….and perhaps ..well you just never know do you. She just might call for a cab again. Related Stories:Virgin gets her pussy handed to her and gets the…Miss Jackson and the interesting detentionA pretty girl asks older brother to show it to her. He does.Asstr Tranny ShowA new waitress starts at a local Irish pub and gets fuckedBrother returns home, gets drunk with his sister and…

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